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I keep disappearing from this blog. I hasn’t been intentional, but I have been working on lots of essays and posts elsewhere. I realized in taking a break from my other blog, that I had been mostly neglecting taking more risks as a writer because playing it safe felt so…safe.

So, recently, I’ve been pushing myself and working on figuring out how to be a blogger while also staying true to myself as a writer. It’s hard. While blogging does involve writing, it also involves a lot of other things that can, if we’re not careful, distract us from what really matters.

So, I’ve been focusing on writing. That’s all.


How do you stay passionate as a writer? Do you see being a writer and a blogger as two different things?

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3 Responses to writers and bloggers

  1. woahmolly says:

    I have to say that blogging can take a lot of time if you commit yourself to posting everyday. But I find that the stories that come easiest to me are the ones I’ve lived, and a blog is a great place to tell those.

    • Jessica says:

      Good point! I think when you use your blog in a way that allows you to tell the kinds of stories you want to tell and write the things you want to write, it is such a wonderful feeling. But, when you start writing for reasons other than, your blog can begin to feel like chore. Or, at least that’s what blogging was beginning to feel like for me.

  2. Great question, Jessica. I don’t know how anyone can that blogging isn’t a form of writing. Unless, of course, you are simply posting a photo in response to a prompt. Even then, it is still a form of expression. Some people put more into their blog posts, others might be more eloquent. Because a piece is shorter, more like an essay, or even a long and rambling rant, it is still a form of expression, most often using words to get a message across. There is a debate in the storytelling world, of which I am a part. Yes, but is that really storytelling? What is storytelling? Is that acting? Is that a performance? Personally, I don’t try to define it. I just do it.

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