Oh, Sandy

I feel like I should write something tonight about the great weather event that’s going on outside of my bedroom window. I feel like I should say something to kind of memorialize this date and that I was writing during Sandy, that my power was still on during Sandy, that I lived in a time of SUPERSTORM Sandy.


I kind of feel like Sandy has been talked about enough. As someone living through Sandy, I am surviving. We went, like everyone else in my city, to Walmart yesterday to buy all the necessities that we thought we would need in the event of the worst case scenario: Or that we lose our power for more than two weeks.

As we walked through the mostly barren aisle, I felt kind of invigorated, in a very weird kind of way. I felt, also, panicked because of all that I had heard about SUPERSTORM SANDY! We bought batteries and cereal, a pumpkin pie, water, and toilet paper. Like most, we shopped without a real plan for our shopping. We kind of just looked at everyone else was buying, which seemed to mostly be desserts and batteries, and followed suit.

I think in natural disasters that aren’t necessarily life-threatening, something happens to us all. I think, for a brief moment, we remember how vulnerable we all are and begin to get happy at that thought that we are safe but still in harms way enough to be thankful. So we buy desserts because we can and celebrate the time with family because it’s so often denied to us.


Are you dealing with Sandy tonight? How have you prepared?

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4 Responses to Oh, Sandy

  1. Our day was warmish and sunny, if blustery–gorgeous colors, but many fewer leaves than yesterday. Yet here on the Northwest Coast, we are thinking of all our friends and family, and those we have never met, and are wishing them a good night, hoping they stay high and dry and warm and safe.

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