writing alone

I am working on something. I am working on writing my five minutes posts offline instead of online. I am doing this as a practice to get back into the habit of writing without any anticipation of my words potentially being consumed by an audience.

Since I started writing online in 2010, most of my writing have been done online.

I have for the past, almost, three years, neglected pens and pencils and papers that were once stashed behind pillowcases and in drawers because I thought I found an even better alternative. I went digital. I found myself writing on a keyboard and hitting publish and knowing that someone could/would find my words and do something tangible with my words. And it was that thought that was thrilling.

It was thrilling to think that I wasn’t alone in my thoughts. It was thrilling to think that someone could and, likely, would, given the nature of most online communities, agree with me about my thoughts in my head.

This, or having an audience to consume your words is a good thing, but it also takes something away from the therapeutic, educational part of writing. When you write by yourself and for yourself, you can be more in tune, I think, with your words as your words. You begin to speak more freely, I think. And that’s a good thing, a necessary thing.

So that’s where I’ve been.


How often do you write offline just for the sake of writing (i.e., no deadlines, writing goals. etc.)? How often do you just write for yourself?


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3 Responses to writing alone

  1. Cecilia says:

    I’ve been thinking about this very topic…I’ve been writing journals since I was a little girl, and now with the advent of blogs I, like you, have craved an audience. I started blogging thinking it was a safe, anonymous place to write whatever I wanted but I’ve come to realize that’s not true. But now I’m so addicted to the desire to be heard that I have not gone back to my journal too much. I think you raise a really important point that we do need to keep on writing privately for the therapeutical and self discovery purposes. Thanks for this, Jessica!

    • Jessica says:

      No problem! Thank you for reading and commenting! I am trying to strike the right balance because before 99.9% of all of my writing was done online. And, I think, that resulted in me never really feel in tune/connected with writings in the way that I feel when I truly am just writing just for me. I enjoy writing online and for an audience, but I am learning to fall in love, again, with the joys of writing offline, too.

  2. What a really thoughtful question, Jessica. I rarely find myself in a place where I write just for me. Lists of groceries or things to do. When I write creatively, it is to work on a novel or a blog post, all with sharing in mind. I am always behind in my writing, and so those obligations come first. But the blogging is really more like a journal, with my private thoughts about life, the universe, and everything, which I polish up just enough to be able to share with my blogging buddies.

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