When violence is senseless

This post is inspired by the recent random shootings that have been happening, almost, on a weekly basis here in the United States of America. When I heard about Oregon, I had finished a thought-provoking piece in The Atlantic on what to do about all the guns in America. The solution, the hypothetical solution, proposed  by the author, to the problem with the “insane” using guns is more guns. There should be more guns, but more people trained to use guns in our country. Or that was the most basic argument of the author.

But I think another solution is needed. I think there needs to be mental health support to those who are suffering in this country on a daily basis.

These shootings, I think they’re are poor cries for help to a society that doesn’t seem to be listening. The shooters kill others then themselves because they want to be remembered as dying out loud even if they do suffer in silence.

Everyday, I pass people in cars, in grocery stores, in libraries and I wonder how many of us need real help. It’s the holiday season here, and the themes of giving and sharing and togetherness are in full force. I wonder when I see the lights and garland how many work jobs that are killing them but that they keep at because they need their families to survive or feel “normal” on Christmas day. I once overheard a woman on a train say that she was tired. She was, she said, working overtime  on two jobs to “give” her children Christmas. That’s all she wanted, she said. She wanted to be normal. That’s all. Even if it killed her, that’s all she wanted.

I wonder this, and I wonder how many are in failed marriages or have been abused and enter the world broken from whence they come. I wonder how many have thought about suicide and gone to the mall instead.

I wonder this when I watch the news and my heart breaks. More can be done, I think. More can be done to help those who need it. More can be done to protect those who need , the innocent bystanders whose deaths should have been prevented. More can be done to change gun laws in this country. More can be done to make mental health a priority. More can be done.


What are your thoughts on the recent mass shootings that seem to be happening weekly here in the states?

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