myth of multi-tasking

Back in my career days, I had one answer that I would give to the beloved interview question, “What is your best quality?” I think that was the question. My response was that I am “a good multitasker.” And if the interviewer wanted examples, I would cite past internships, jobs, and academic assignments in which I “successfully” managed to balance two, or usually three, things at a time.

I put the word “successfully” in quotation marks because any named “multitasker” who’s recovered from the plight of multitasking knows that there is no such things as really being a “successful” multitasker. I mean, managing to get things done and no one dying in the process could be success. But is it really?

I am no longer a multitasker. I no longer try to do more than one thing at a time because I think whatever I’m doing suffers. So, I try to focus on one thing at a time. I do get many things done in my day, but those things are done on their own time. I’m a unitasker. Is that a word?


Are you a recovering multitasker? Confess below.

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3 Responses to myth of multi-tasking

  1. woahmolly says:

    I agree with this whole-heartedly. While being able to multi-task if you really have to is important, it definitely does make your work suffer.
    Great post!

  2. Only You says:

    Yes, I think I am a recovering multi-tasker! I did find that I did it a lot once I became a mother, but inevitably I would run off to the next thing and totally forget about the other 3 things I’d started. I am changing like you, but sadly I am not sure if I ever made a conscious decision to…I think I just started to feel the limits of my brain ;-)….


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