the camel colored sofa set

I think bad design in a home starts with an odd piece that doesn’t work but that one holds on to out of a sense of obligation to its past life. Our odd piece was this sofa set, a brown, camel-like colored sofa set that we bought on sale at a local furniture discount store. It was what we thought we could afford. We would, we told ourselves, replace it when we had the  means, but until then it was good enough.

It was sofa set. Our ugly sofa set that we were forced to style our living room around. The golden drapes, the red turkish rug, the art work was all purchased to make that sofa work.

It was all okay until I looked around and realized I hated my living room. I had ignored it, convinced myself that feeling didn’t really matter, by cleaning it meticulously and focusing on what I could change. But there came this moment when I realized that beneath all of my efforts was a desire for something different.

So, I decided a month ago to get rid of the sofa and everything else. We started all over again with nothing and from nothing I could finally see what I really wanted for the room but couldn’t see with all the mass of bad decor choices. I wanted bold colors. I wanted blacks and whites and metallics. And that’s what I got.

I love my new room and from the experience I’ve learned.

Sometimes when our lives are cluttered with things that we’ve put in by compromise– relationships, clothes, foods– we never can get to the core of what we want, unapologetically. While compromise is a virtue, we should also remember to honor ourselves by holding dear and leading with what we  love instead of what we like enough to “live with.”

So, in closing. Buy well. And avoid camel shades of microfiber sofas.


Is it just me, or did styling your home also help you have epiphanies about who you are? How did you decide on your decor?

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8 Responses to the camel colored sofa set

  1. I don’t have any decor in my home I am so tight with money that I never bother to put stuff up. I always say I am going to start then I get confused by paint and designs and I just give up.

    • Jessica says:

      Take your time!! In hindsight, I rushed into buying furniture because I was convinced that it was expected of me as a new homeowner. But most of the stuff I bought was cheap and not really what I wanted. So, now I’m trying to figure out what to do with it all. Not many want an ugly camel colored sofa set. 🙂 lol .

  2. Only You says:

    I love this, Jessica! Because it is not just about decor but also life. I’ve been thinking something similar recently too…why work around things in your life that aren’t really working? Why not chuck it and start anew? We often think we have to be fenced in when really, we are our own bosses – not our furniture sets!

    We’ve got an (head bowed in shame) ivory colored microfiber sofa set. I actually like it because it came with deep burgundy pillows and it is a color scheme I enjoy. But because of my lack of decorating sense we got a set, and I think when you buy furniture in sets you deprive yourself the chance of showing your real self. I recently got this book (The Perfectly Imperfect Home) and can’t wait to start reading it:

    Good for you for taking the plunge to revamp your livingroom!

    • Jessica says:

      lol. Thank you, Cecilia! Not all microfiber is bad! I think our problem was the color, mainly. Our girls spill their drinks, or they would spill their drinks on it all of the time. So usually, it was camel with polka dot stains. I would clean it often and wash the pillows, but it got annoying after a while. I think furniture and your home are great ways to show and learn about your personality and self. It’s really interesting how it all works! That book sounds interesting. I must check it out now! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  3. Fantastic post!! We have a dinosaur in our living room–the sectional couch my husband grew up with forty years ago. It could be worse, uglier, etc. but the cushions and pillows won’t stay in place and it takes way too much time to tidy them. His mom and her older friends could no longer get out of it, but she didn’t want to throw it away. Now we are kind of stuck with it, although I have warned my husband that the instant I see the perfect replacement it will have to go–if not out onto the curb, then to the basement rec room.

    • Jessica says:

      lol. Thank you, Naomi! It’s always hard with generational pieces. Our new set looks so much better! It makes our room look larger and younger! It’s amazing really how something, seemingly so minor, can much such a huge difference!

  4. I’m glad you got the ideal living room that you really wanted! I have to say that I’m always finding epiphanies about myself in all kinds of things including how I decorate the world around me. Or don’t decorate. LOL. For example right now our space is so limited and the kids have so much stuff that I’m become ok with us making due until we have a bigger home and they have less toys. I see their toys and all the ‘this and that’ that comes with having small kids as our flair. it’s who we are right now and it’s ok.

    • Jessica says:

      Yes! Kids and their toys!! We moved into our place in 2010 and already, we feel like we’re aching for more space! Already! This is but one more example of poor planning and foresight on our part. I think with kids, you need lots of space and lots of storage. We have neither, so until we can afford something different, we’re just making it work. 🙂

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