new home buyers

My husband and I purchased our first home a little over two years ago. We had been renting before then and prior to that, living with my parents. (We married young, as in 22 young).

So, we found our first home after looking at 67 houses. We said we knew what we were looking for in a home, but we really didn’t. We said we wanted a fixer-upper, but every time we walked in a home that had that “old” smell, we would go back on that idea.

Our realtor said we should get a home with lots of space. And we agreed, kind of. Like new parents, we thought we kind of knew better than her. Space- mace. Who needs space when you have a growing family? We knew better than that!

So the home we purchased is on the smaller side, but it looks new and didn’t have that “old” smell. And that’s why, or the latter part, is why we bought it.

We were so scientific-y in our decision. I know!

But now that we’ve been here for almost two years, we realize that maybe we should have listened to our realtor and all those home-buying shows, after all. Maybe we need more space. Maybe we did need that linen closet, after all. And, maybe, just maybe, we could use a two-car garage. Maybe.


How did you prepare for your first home purchase? Did you regret some of your compromises or did you make no compromises at all?

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10 Responses to new home buyers

  1. Our first house we picked for the yard. A big yard was really important to us–not too close to the neighbors, more private, a sunny garden, a private deck with both sunshine and shade. We only stayed in that house for about five years. As soon as we got pregnant, we moved to a better school district. That house needed lots of work, but it was big enough for a family to grow into, and the yard was big, with fruit trees and a garden–a great place for kids to play. We made improvements on the house along the way–it was a hideous sixties house, but we re-did floors, covered brick walls, built a new deck, and learned to love it. That was twenty-two years ago, and we’re still here.

    • Jessica says:

      That’s so awesome!! And yeah, thinking about school districts is yet another factor that we will consider more with our next house.

      Your house sounds lovely! I would love to have fruit trees and garden! That would be a dream! I think we were intimidated by fixer-uppers, but I think there are some gems out there that, as your story proves, can be made to be loved!

  2. Rose's Daughter says:

    Our first house we listened to everyone about size and went for BIG. But that’s the problem, we only looked at the size of the house. Not the closet space or the storage space. And for 7 years, I felt like I lived in museum. Our current house, we were more practical. We knew what we needed: closet space ,big back yard, and a few other things that I KNEW to look for. We did good the 2nd time! LOL

    • Jessica says:

      That’s awesome that you were so lucky and smart the second time around! I hear the housing market in Atlanta is wonderful. I kind of wish my husband could find a job there because from the house-hunting shows I see, the houses there seem to be great! I would love to have more closet space and a big back yard. We don’t have that with our current house, but I would hope to get it in our next one!

  3. Sigh. I really wish I was currently looking for a house to buy, but I’m looking for yet another rental. I don’t want to be a downer so…what I’m looking for in our next rental is a big fenced yard, a nice kitchen with gas stove, and enough room for our many house guests.

    • Jessica says:

      I think there are some definite advantages to renting over buying. I believe this even more so now that I’ve bought a home! lol. In hindsight, I think we should have renting a bit more before buying because it is such a big commitment.

      I’m just curious, what are your reasons for renting instead of buying? Your dreams for your next rental sound lovely!

  4. We got our first home knowing that it would be a starter home. We didn’t want anything huge because we wanted to make sure we could handle the mortgage on one income. When we start looking for our dream home we will not go huge but there are a couple of things we know that we want different and it will be our last home we buy cause the process is way to much for me.

    • Jessica says:

      Yes! I think being able to afford our home on one income was very important for us, too! Our next home will be our final family destination home. (Does that sound morbid? lol). So with that in mind, we will definitely be looking for some different things than we were the first time around.

  5. Only You says:

    We, too, bought our home as a starter home. We wanted new but had a limited budget. After three years here we are starting to feel some of the limitations in the space and layout. But it’s an amazing neighborhood for our son because there are so many kids around his age, and it’s so international and diverse and the children all play so well together. Every time I feel like we should have looked around a little longer (unlike you, I think we only looked at a handful of houses before deciding!) I think of the neighborhood and the friends and then I’m happy we made the choice that we did. Good luck on your next house search! It’s always so fun to look. I’d read somewhere that you should be looking and researching regularly even if you won’t be buying for years, just so you’ll learn about the market, your needs, etc.

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