little lady goes to a hardware store

I feel kind of bad that I haven’t written here in what feels like weeks. I don’t think I really have a legitimate excuse for not being able to come here and write for five minutes, daily. I do always have things to write about, and I sit down, uninterrupted, at least once a day. But usually, or lately, when I do get a chance to sit uninterrupted, I do nothing or I sleep. Or, I’ve been thinking much home improvement projects I’d like to make.

Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing. Oh, and I’ve been going to hardware stores to get things that I’ve never bought before, things like drywall anchors and power sanders and spray paint (which requires an ID these days) and nails. I’ve been a busy lady fixing my house, I guess. And since I’ve never done this before, I’ve taken to it like a fish whose…just jumped back into water…that he’s never been in? Uh. Never mind.

I’m not joking when I say that in the last few weeks I’ve been to the hardware store almost everyday, usually because I buy the wrong things and am too afraid to ask for help from those guys who line the aisles, those guys who often see me pushing a cart with two toddlers and think, “YES. If anyone needs help, it’s her!” And I do often need help. But I usually don’t let them know that. “Oh. I’m fine!” I often say through a smile that I hope doesn’t reveal that I’m really not fine, just insecure and overly conscious of looking like a “little lady” needing help in a hardware store.

But yesterday, a store attendant caught me off guard and instead of asking if I need help, asked what I was looking for. “Drywall studs,” I said, knowing that likely wasn’t the name of what I was looking for but said really fast to seem like this all, this whole going to the hardware store with children trying to escape from the cart is routine. He looked confused, then realized it was drywall anchors that I needed. “Yes, that’s it, or them!” I said. I bought them and left feeling like maybe I need to get rid of my inferiority complex and be okay with being a newbie at hardware stores. Yes. So next time, instead of saying “I’m fine.” I will ask for help. Yes!


Do you frequent hardware stores and appear that you have it all together when you really don’t? Is this normal? Or, is it just me?

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2 Responses to little lady goes to a hardware store

  1. I don’t do the hardware stores at all. I am confused and discombobulated but I do love the paint section lol

  2. b+ says:

    I loooooove the hardware store. But when my children were small, it was not so much fun. I was like you…a little shy AND my children were creative helpers. I would always arrive home with that gallon of paint I wanted plus dry wall studs I did not. Good luck with your project.


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