Gossip magazines and blogs with sensational headlines about stars that I like to pretend I know.

Chocolate pudding and oatmeal, not together, but I like them both… a lot.

Hair blogs and make-up tutorials, since I like to pretend that I will change something about my hair and makeup and not really ever buy the tools to make it happen in the way I’ve learned.

Lots of sleep. Is that an indulgence?

Good books, oh, and I like magazines that are hard to put down or throw away when I’m finished reading them.

Nice eyebrows, or getting my eyebrows done by a professional.

Nice shoes and musicals and show tunes that have that big Jazz feel to them.


What are some of your indulgences?

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2 Responses to indulgences

  1. Only You says:

    Hi Jessica, I like your list! And yes, good and plentiful sleep does feel like an indulgence if you’re the mom of small children 😉 My indulgences are potato chips, wine, cheeseburgers, Nutella, restaurants slightly out of my price range (you see my pattern here!), books and used book sales, massages, scented soaps, and…hmm…I think I need a better list with some more things that don’t include food!

  2. My indulgence is my tablet and going through pinterest at night and seeing what new ideas are out there. I love finding new things on pinterest I also love sunflower seeds the hubs hates it though.

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