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books and babies

In many ways, my relationship with books is new. I have always read, but it wasn’t really  until the past few years that I began to decide to have a personal relationship with books. Before, in graduation school and before … Continue reading

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A Writer Who Writes

When I started this blog, I had one goal in mind: To become the writer in real life that I said I should be in my head. There’s always been a disconnect for me. Somehow, between my life in academia … Continue reading

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Gossip magazines and blogs with sensational headlines about stars that I like to pretend I know. Chocolate pudding and oatmeal, not together, but I like them both… a lot. Hair blogs and make-up tutorials, since I like to pretend that … Continue reading

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little lady goes to a hardware store

I feel kind of bad that I haven’t written here in what feels like weeks. I don’t think I really have a legitimate excuse for not being able to come here and write for five minutes, daily. I do always … Continue reading

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morning writing

I never write here in the morning and I’m not sure why. Wait. I do know why. I started once and then got so distracted with children waking and the impending need to actually start my day with something productive … Continue reading

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new home buyers

My husband and I purchased our first home a little over two years ago. We had been renting before then and prior to that, living with my parents. (We married young, as in 22 young). So, we found our first … Continue reading

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facebook displays of affection

In case you don’t know, facebook displays of affection are public updates about things that you would have otherwise just shared with your spouse/love interest but decided instead that everyone else in your friend’s list should know about it, too. … Continue reading

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the camel colored sofa set

I think bad design in a home starts with an odd piece that doesn’t work but that one holds on to out of a sense of obligation to its past life. Our odd piece was this sofa set, a brown, … Continue reading

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Eat. Pray.Love

My sister gave me a copy of it for my birthday and I said I would read it soon. I was in graduate school then. It was my 24th birthday. The book was to be the start of me thinking … Continue reading

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myth of multi-tasking

Back in my career days, I had one answer that I would give to the beloved interview question, “What is your best quality?” I think that was the question. My response was that I am “a good multitasker.” And if … Continue reading

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