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myth of multi-tasking

Back in my career days, I had one answer that I would give to the beloved interview question, “What is your best quality?” I think that was the question. My response was that I am “a good multitasker.” And if … Continue reading

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distance makes the heart grow fonder

I don’t have much of anything to write to night. I’m tired. Pooped. Exhausted. I should be in bed, but I figured that it’s only five minutes. And five minutes can’t hurt, right? We returned from our mini vacation and … Continue reading

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want less, love more

The thing about being an westerner is that sometimes you take for granted things that really should not be taken for granted. You forget that electricity is something that some go without. You forget that running the water while brushing … Continue reading

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venturing down the off-beaten path of…my to-do list

I have a terrible memory that’s been made worse by motherhood. Okay, I’m lying, at least in part. My memory really isn’t that bad, but given the amount of things that I have to do on any given day, the … Continue reading

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slow down

I find that when I am most busy, when I have a million and one things in my head about what I must get done, I rush. I rush my meals, my writing, my phone calls, the time spent with … Continue reading

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