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little lady goes to a hardware store

I feel kind of bad that I haven’t written here in what feels like weeks. I don’t think I really have a legitimate excuse for not being able to come here and write for five minutes, daily. I do always … Continue reading

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new home buyers

My husband and I purchased our first home a little over two years ago. We had been renting before then and prior to that, living with my parents. (We married young, as in 22 young). So, we found our first … Continue reading

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sometimes you just have to write

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my writing. I’ve been thinking about my two blogs and whether I really need two. I’ve been thinking about the focus of my time online. I’ve been reading a lot writer blogs and … Continue reading

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be the person you want to become

It sounds profound, doesn’t it? But, it’s very, very true. I learned this later in life. I learned that the person who was standing in the way of me becoming the person I thought I should one day become was … Continue reading

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is ignorance really bliss?

Sometimes I wish I didn’t know as much as I do know, about the depths of human emotions, human suffering, about the parts of life that aren’t always apparent with our eyes.I wish I could hear a politician and really … Continue reading

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quantity v. quality

I haven’t said it on this blog before, but I’ve said it on my other blog, that my dad passed away in 2009 on Christmas Day. With Father’s Day coming up, i thought i should write something of a lesson … Continue reading

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writing habits

I would like to write this post and say that habits are unnecessary for “great” writers or writers aspiring to be great. I’d like to say that when and how much we write or don’t write doesn’t really matter. I’d … Continue reading

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i like writing here

I have two blogs. I write here and at Mommyhood NEXT RIGHT. These two places are different, but I hope that in both of them you can get pieces of me. On MNR, I write about motherhood and here, I … Continue reading

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aiming low and going very very slow

I began working out consistently at 19. Then, I was a gym girl. I went to the gym, at one point, every single day of my life. Every single day of my life, at that point, I ran for 30 … Continue reading

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being the bigger person

Growing up, I remember being taught that in confrontations, in situations where someone has done you wrong, has been rude to you, or has hurt you, it’s important to be the “bigger person.” The bigger person is, supposedly, above the … Continue reading

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